10800 zombies

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december 23

Fifth indie of the year on bytejacker.com! Thanks to everyone who voted for me.
x JW

december 10

Turns out I won the 64digits halloween competition. :)
I'd like to thank all my fans *snif*, and my fish, and my mother.

december 2

What's up ladies? A month has passed, and many reactions have been posted.
Some good news: The game was featured on bytejacker and was chosen free indie of the week! If you want you can vote for it to become free indie of the year.
I also got a post on tigsource and indiegames.
And it was featured on yoyogames and I think it is still on the frontpage there.

In addition, there is a new piece of fan-art (a wallpaper) up. Make sure to check avidaopantalla.com , it's the place it came from. (:
Oh and about the update, no work has really started on it. Tim will redo the music to be even better though, and the game will be made easier.

october 31

Game completed, download link added! An update will follow soon, containing a story, proper ending, and other nice stuff.

october 25

Did a lot of work already today. There are now multiple playable characters, a new tactical weapon, and a fan art section on the site. The first part I got is quite awesome, and a tribute to the flamer! Also, added a music sample made by Tim for this game.

october 23

Ladies and gentlemen, we've got him! I finally got that annoying boss 3 completed. You will be fighting a giant sea-snake soon. Soon you ask? Yes. This game will be released before halloween. Now I'll get back to work on area 4.
Oh, and I made a wallpaper available. Get it from the media thingey.

october 19

New weapon made! the flamethrower... Also a lot of scrolling has been deleted because this site will become much bigger. News thingey has been added.

october 18

site started, stuff added


10800 zombies is a retro platform shooter just the way they should be. You speed trough levels and blast zombies.
Great inspiration came from Detoss Law.



video of a part of area 2, thanks to rolf soldaat

fan art

by godsavant

Wallpaper by www.avidaopantalla.com


smells like bacon

blowing up some zombies

ooh water




song 1: lowmir sonata
Tim Forsyth (escapader) is making the music for this game. He's really good at making midi stuff, and well, just an awesome guy.


This handgun is the first weapon you will find. For some reason it doesn't use any sort of ammo, so you can just keep shooting. Doesn't really hurt em though.

chk chk BOOM
One of the most famous anti-zombie weapons. You find it all around, and it does not require a lot of aiming.

grenade launcher
This basicly kills most enemies in one lovely shot. Fun little thing, known for killing more enemies than it has ammo.

This one shoots a lot of bullets in just a few seconds. Very nice, loads of damage.

This is something you won't find much in the game. You sort of spray deadly napalm. It's super-effective!

You're gonna love these.

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