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The full version can be purchased for $20. Contact jwnijman[at]gmail[dot]com and we will make a deal.
It adds only one feature: death

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Design Document


November 2

The gutter now costs $20. The graveyard is free.

July 9

To thank our fans for the very steady amount of sales, we have decided to release the design document for The Gutter.

It clearly shows some of the complicated choices we had to make.
Also: The 50% discount is still there!

May 28

Okay, the gutter is a great succes. You have not let us down! Sales have doubled, and we decided to rise the price. There is currently a 50% discount however. We would like to thank nigel for hosting, all the downloads messed up his bandwith but he does not care. <3 The game has also been featured on many sites:
indiegames,tigsource,rockpapershotgun,auntie pixelante,mouse no,indie vault and probably a lot more.
If you feel like buying the full version, now is the time.

Also, merchandise will come soon.

May 23

The game can be downloaded again through the big link.

Well, the gutter is out for one day, and is already overloaded. Uploading mirrors at the moment. Around 950 downloads so far, and one full version sold.
The full version can still be bought if you can not play the free one during this little downtime due to the high popularity.

May 22

The gutter has been released!
It was quite a lot of work, but we enjoyed it.

If you liked the gutter, you should consider buying the full version. It adds a lot of depth and meaning in a simple but powerful way.


The gutter is an interactive piece of art designed by Robin Rodrigo Ramirez Rodriquez and Jan Willem Nijman. It tells the story of an unfortunate man, and how he lived his life.
You control him with the arrow keys and walk around to find a place for the night, and hear a song when sleeping on your favourite box. Press R to restart this digital poem.

2009 Robin & JW