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Extreme Gardening

Extreme gardening is the extremest gardening game around. Take the role of a beginning garden decorator, and grow into the world famous artist we know you to be.
This game can be seen as a hardcore casual game. It's very easy to play but gets very hard later on. Trim hedges into extravagant shapes, earn medals, unlock minigames, and enjoy the all-beatboxed soundtrack by Joram Walters.

-will be in a certain magazine soon

Spies vs Monkey Dictator

This is the game I made with my great team for the 2010 global game jam. Halfway through I got sick(probably bilharzia), but we managed to finish it anyway.
Spies vs Monkey Dictator is a 4 player multiplayer game, where every player gets to place traps in the area. After the trap-placing you run around, being a spy with a mission: get the briefcase and hold it for 20 seconds. Because most traps are invisible you'll have to remember where you and your friends placed them. Makes for crazy, intelligent and varied gameplay! Can be played with keyboard + 2 gamepads.

-no awards, but a lot of happy people


COPTRA is a basic but intense arena shooter. You play as a helicopter pilot, and try to survive as long as possible in the middle of an ambush. Features fast gameplay, a nice powerup stacking mechanic, online highscores, retro scanline graphics, and music by Jabberwock.

-is currently being ported to flash (interested sponsors, e-mail me)

might be ported for XBLIG as well

Atomic Super Boss

An endless bossfight shoot 'm up. I focussed on making the mechanics as simple as possible. The closer you move, the more damage you deal, and shooting slows you down. Try to survive as long as possible while the boss keeps attacking you with all his different and deadly attacks.
This game was later ported to flash by mirosurabu.

-in top freeware shmups of 2009
-featured in joystick magazine


After playing Quake 2 for the first time, I was very inspired. (Only later I found out about Quake 1, which is even better.) I decided to make a study of first person shooters, in the form of a game. QQUAK provides fast action, multiple arenas, weapons and powerups. And then you basicly fight monsters untill you die.

-in top freeware arcade games of 2009
-featured on bytejacker

10800 zombies

10800 zombies is a platform shooter without any nonsense. No story, fancy graphics or deep strategy. It's about you, your guns and the zombies that have appeared all over the world. 4 stages provide old-fashioned challenging gameplay, bossfights and overpowered weapons. While this game is not super accesible or polished, ripoffs and playthroughs are still appearing on the internet now and then. Inspired by game maker cult-hit Detoss Law.

-winner of the 2008 64digits halloween competition
-featured on bytejacker and chosen free indie of the week
-#5 free indie of 2008 on bytejacker
-featured in pc gamer UK magazine

Pro Killer Man

A new approach to puzzle games. You play as a hitman who has to kill people. Use the crowd for cover, run away from the cops, and eliminate bodyguards. Quite fresh gameplay, and challenging levels.

-in top freeware arcade games of 2008
-featured on bytejacker and chosen free indie of the week
-featured in joystick magazine

The Gutter

This is not a game.
Me and my friend Robin Rodrigo Ramirez Rodriguez decided to make something about "art games." The Gutter comments the people playing and making them. The result was nice, discussions were started, and angry e-mails were received. Be sure to try the full version as well, only $20!

-started to make people think
-download the design document


Metal Luv was made in 48 hours for the global game jam in 2009. It is a two player game where you play as 2 robots, attached by an electric beam. You use the beam for aiming, swinging and any tricks you can think off. Metal Luv has 3 levels, featuring acrobatics, intense combat, and a bossfight with a tragic and surprising ending. I was game designer and programmer for this.

-honorable mention in the dutch 2009 global game jam



Boom was my 2009 ISA project. Every year we get to propose something we want to make, and I wanted to make an fps using gameboy restrictions.
Boom features classic fps gameplay, a resolution of 160x144, 4 colors, a retro soundtrack, and a story involving moon ghosts.
I had fun making this game, but the gameboy restrictions made it very hard to play. Still, I've learnt a lot about texture, level and enemy design while making it.


Cubism is a full 3d XNA game, with fancy features like bloom and high resolution hand-painted textures. The main thing however, is its refreshing gameplay.
You are given the power to grow blocks, and using that, you puzzle your way out of a deadly machine who wants to be an organism.
The link gives you a messed up YouTube trailer.

-will be shown at GDC 2010 Utrecht School of Art and Technology stand


A game I designed and made in a week with my friend Jonathan Barbosa Dijkstra for a "pushing the boundaries" seminar. The game tells the story about a spaceman and his dog, Columbus. Without spoiling too much, this game will show you a bit about yourself and humanity.

-interesting post about game logic


You can find a pretty complete list of tiny and old games here. Most of them are made in either short periods or really old.

Do notice that this site is never complete. There are loads more school projects and games that deserve a place here. I'm working on it.

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